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60 Secs Pitching

60 Secs Pitching

The 60-seconds Pitch Competition is a great opportunity to pitch business concepts to a panel of judges and win exciting prizes. The pitch competition is structured around a one-minute pitch, exactly the time it would take you to pitch your idea while you ride up in an elevator. The competition is open to students with an idea for business, non-profit or social cause.


Both Profit and non-profit models and ideas are eligible.

  • Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Research scholars

  • Individual

  • No props or visual aids should be used (to create an authentic ‘elevator pitch’ environment)

  • Each pitch should be delivered by a single individual

  • Each pitch should not be more than 60 seconds in length

  • The presentation will have an audience, thereby not subjected to any confidentiality.

  • Presentations will be videotaped and streamed for judging purposes

Initial Screening: Participants have to fill the google form mentioning brief ideas of the pitch. The initial screening will be done by the panel

Finals: In the finals, the participants have to give their one-minute pitch in front of judges and the participants.

  • March 26, 2021, 11:59 PM

₹ 6000

  1. Sowmya - 9566542363

  2. Ishank Jain - 9994634399

  • Participants should give a brief idea of their pitch in the google form itself.

  • No need to attach the recorded pitch in the google form.

  • After screening, the selected participants have to present their pitch in front of the audience and judges.

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