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Campus Photography

Campus Photography

RSD invites you to be a part of the campus photography competition to showcase your art of making tangible  memories.

  • Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Research scholars

  • Individual

  • The entries shall highlight only the scenic beauty of your campus, any campus that you visited for internship/ exchange/ conference/ training. Preference will be given to those photos without any faces of students in the frame.

  • The entry should be of original work of the participant

  • Entries should not contain profanity, nudity, pornographic images, violent images, anti-competition messages, illegal material, or material that violates the rights of third parties.

  • The only type of images accepted are photographs. Previously published photographs, not created specifically for the competition are also eligible.

  • Submit your entries as JPEG/JPG files, maximum 3Mb in size, 1000px on the shortest side, and with your name in the title of the file.

  • Images may be black and white or in colour, taken with any kind of camera. Minor adjustments are allowed, such as minor changes in cropping, sharpening, contrast, etc. Significantly altered or artistically enhanced photos are not accepted. The judges may request the original file/RAW/negative of your photo to verify this.

  • Conception - Has the photographer used a clever trick to make you see something impossible or which demands further investigation?

  • Composition -  the angle that the contestant has chosen, their use of focus, what they’ve left in the photo and what they’ve framed out

  • Light - how the Entrant was able to use and control light. Was the lighting applied in the photo (natural) properly used to enhance the image?

  • March 26, 2021, 11:59 PM

₹ 3000

  1. Rekha - 7598433514

  2. Ishank Jain -9994634399

  • Submission file should be named as “ParticipantName_degree_institute”

  • Submission should be done along with the registration via google form

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