Experiential Learning a basic step towards research - an online approach


Research and specialization is knowing everything about nothing, topic get narrower and narrower whereas knowledge on the topic/subject tends to infinity or the person becomes a philosopher in the topic/subject.

If one needs to be a philosopher on any topic, the topic/ subject needs to be experienced personally.
The talk is about creating experiential learning for research. How experiential learning can be done online.

Dr Gangadharan K. V. is a professor in the department of Mechanical engineering at the National Institute of Technology Karnataka. He also heads the Centre for System Design, NIT-K. He expertise in Machine Dynamics, Vibration and its Control, Experimental Methods in Vibration and Acoustics, Applications of smart materials in Vibration Control, Mechatronics System & System Design, Structural Health Monitoring & Condition Monitoring. Virtual Lab & Remote triggered Labs Experiential Learning, Project-based learning, Active Learning. He has 109 publications and co-authored over 176 papers. He has done various significant projects such as the Development of BLDC motors for automotive power window applications; Design of oil skimming applications with a superhydrophobic sponge. Designed and Setup of the Centre for System Design a centre of Excellence with Industrial funding. His experience can be used by scholars and he will be helpful in understanding the aspects of learning through experience.

For more details about him, check out  https://mech.nitk.ac.in/faculty/k-v-gangadharan

Date: 03rd April 2021.

Time: 5 pm to 6 pm (IST)

All the sessions are free.

Contact : Arnab - +91 82401 15799

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