Approaching a super complex technical problem -  Air Independent propulsion (AIP) a case study

Dr Suman Roy Choudhury, is the Program Director for AIP, Naval Materials Research Laboratory, DRDO. He did his graduation in Chemical Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 1990. Subsequently, he completed M Tech from the Chemical engineering department, IIT Kanpur on electrodialysis. He did his doctorate later from IIT Bombay in fault diagnosis of the fuel cell system while working in DRDO. He started his professional career with a pesticide industry in the field of technical services where he got exposed to the design, realization and commissioning of complex systems towards updating the existing production plant. He joined DRDO in 1994 and immediately indulge in the development of phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) technology development along with other accessories like onboard hydrogen generators, power conditioners, battlefield power manager etc. Over two and half decades of intensive research, he along with his team could develop the PAFC technology from materials to stack engineering leading to complete power plants with onboard methanol-reformer and hydrolyser based hydrogen generators. He and his team could industrialize the technology blocks and form a consortium of industries for producing distributed power plant for sensitive area, high altitude use and Air independent system for Indian Naval Submarines. The fuel cell power plants developed by him range from man-portable (<100watt) to 350 kW systems for various defence applications. In his long tenure at DRDO, he has interacted with various engineering teams of different countries like France, Germany, Russia and the US, thanks to various defence technology cooperation programs of DRDO. Such experience has allowed him to formulate a comprehensive research approach philosophy for his team towards the development of futuristic power and energy systems for Indian defence. His current research interest involves futuristic AIP system, large capacity flow battery and process intensified reformer systems.

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