Nanos to Cosmos

 The concept of ‘Shunya’ was brought to light by the Indian Mathematician Brahmagupta. Shunya touches both abstraction and reality at the same time. Be it in manufacturing, temperatures, gravity or perfection, “Shunya” is the goal. Without it, AI, Mathematics, and even Googol wouldn’t exist. Shunya also celebrates oneness with nature and we emphasize the evolution of humanity towards perfection. Shunya represents balance. Be it an atom or the cosmos, both are in equilibrium. From protons and electrons to big-bang and black holes, Shunya has impacted every area of our lives.

After Shunya comes positive values, much as 2021 replaces 2020 with positive spirits and a fresh start. Is it by no coincidence that symbolically, 0 mimics a cycle.  Let your mind and thoughts float freely in the infinite space of knowledge and wisdom and gravitate towards RSD 2021.
One scholar may not be able to achieve a lot, but a conference of scholars can make the world a better place. RSD 2021 is that Conference.

Zero itself is nothing, but without a zero, you cannot count anything; therefore, zero is something, yet zero.  - Dalai Lama.